Wow … Hiatus much?

Geesh, it’s been 3 years since my last post ! There has been so much that has happened in that time, I’d gotten married, quit graphic designing ( still a hobby though) and tried to make  my YouTube Channel RashawnVsWicked work ( kind of working & kind of not) . I am working on a couple of  things that I am excited about , one is losing weight , make a kick-ass vegan meal plan and document it all here and on my YouTube. I hope people will come alone on this journey with me 🙂 .


Art lag

As an artist I sometimes feel like I should be starting finishing or in the process of a new project all the time . As my life progresses I am learning that art, true art doesn't work that way .That the work I have should be of the best quality that I can make instead of just  cranking out art like a conveyor belt . As of late nothing has inspired me to start anything. Some one told me that maybe it's because of my surroundings , another person said it is maybe because I'm not focused enough....
I'm not sure  about either but tomorrow  I plan on  just getting putting on some music get out some supplies and see what happens . I'll post the outcome Wed.

Showcase Post

 A Blend of Illustrator and photoshop
A Blend of Illustrator and photoshop

       So I decided this will be my first post , my latest and favorite work.  With  my computerized art I try and  make it as true to my painted works as much as possible.  I actually LOVE doing computer graphics  your  able  to do alot of things that you may not be able to draw to your work.

    This piece I call Diva  and the reason I call her Diva is because  the way she is flipping her hair and walking away as if she was saying “Please…You have Nothing on me so BYE!” lol.

Please let me know your feedback!

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